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Clutch Engineering is an electrical engineering design services company that takes concepts to completion. The desire for achievement and customer success is the foundation of our business. We take great pride in the high-quality, cost-effective products we have driven to market for customers in medical devices and consumer electronics. We are the experts at defining and executing a design, but most importantly we are the best partner to have in the clutch.  Areas of expertise include:



  • System Architecture
  • Product Specification
  • Hardware Development (Board Design)
  • FPGA Development
  • Design for Manufacturing and Test
  • Bill of Materials Risk Assessment
  • High-Speed Digital Design
  • Aerospace (Radiation Environments)
  • Audio and Video
  • Designs combining FPGAs/SoCs and Processors
  • Power Management and DC/DC Power Design
  • Custom Algorithm Implementation
  • Audio and Video Processing
  • Memory Controllers
  • Ethernet Switching
  • Data Traffic Management
  • Control Systems

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